Why direct mail wins


Direct mail has far better open rates than email marketing because email marketing is saturated and people are email weary. Most mail is interacted with between 3 and 5 times.

Mail has more powerful impact on long-term memory encoding

49 %

stronger than email

35 %

stronger than social media advertising

30 %

more dwell-time looking at social media advertising when primed by mail

44 %

stronger long-term memory encoding after seeing a mailing first

People are more likely to remember brand communication that is delivered by mail

Mail drives commercial outcomes

Actions in response to receiving mail in the past 12 months

35.2 %

Bought something / made a payment or donation

30.3 %

Looked up my account details

25.4 %

Uses a voucher / discount code

22.6 %

Went on line for more information

21.7 %

Visited sender's website

21 %

Discussed with someone


Direct mail is more personal than email marketing because it can be customised to the individual and makes the recipient feel more valued.


Direct mail is more trusted than email marketing because it is tangible, people can touch it. It also has a longer lifespan in people’s homes. In these days of fake news and misinformation consumers continue to have confidence in mail.

Mail builds credibility

87 %

describe Mail as believable

48 %

describe email as believable

Sources: Royal Mail Marketreach Research Conducted by Kantar TNS in May 2017: Base 1269 UK adults, nationally representative sample

How mail builds trust

'"It makes me feel valued"'
'"It gives me a better impression"'

How mail delivers positivity and trust

44 %

said they looked forward to receiving mail during lockdown, with 2 in 5 also expressing the importance of mail.

Bigger, Brighter Delivery

Direct mail is tactile and can be designed with different colours, shapes and textures.

Youth appeal and new technology

Young audiences welcome mail

The rise of phygital

88 %

of Gen Z consumers prefer brand experiences that combine physical and digital

A question of trust

45 %

of 15 to 24 year olds are more likely to trust mail than any other age group

Mail drives action

42 %

of 15-44 year olds have searched for more info online after receiving mail in the last 12 months

Source: CMO Council & Pitney Bowes, Royal Mail Marketreach & Trinity McQueen, IPA TouchPoints

Technology innovations drive participation

New technology allows augmented reality ex-periences that will allow an image within a piece of content to come to life or QR codes that can be natively scanned with a smartphone to open up a bespoke landing page for the relevant product, service or offer.

Multi-channel campaigns get better results, why not try both?

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