Lion Mail

Making Mailing Easier

You Prepare, We Print, We Post

Lion Mail is simple to use, it is a fast, secure and effective solution that will cost less than your current process. Enabling all sizes of companies to send all types of correspondence such as letters, invoices, statements, direct mail campaigns, recall letters, newsletters, legal notices and subscription-based business models directly from your device. This can all be done remotely with no minimum quantity requirements.

Simply create and upload your templates online, safeguarding brand consistency and data and we’ll print, fulfil and mail them for you.

Lion Mail reduces admin, paper, print, production and envelope enclosing which gives you the peace of mind that your documents have been handled securely, printed to the highest quality and mailed cost-effectively the same day.



Enable working from home / office / overseas
Send from any device


Curtail indiscriminate home office expenses
Reduce capital expenditure
Save on postage
Remove internal posting costs


Transparent reporting
Approval hierarchy available


Secure data transmission
GDPR compliant

Data Cleansing

Returns management option


Use of more efficient machinery
Reduction of packaging waste


Mailing Cost Breakdown - Click to see components Typical in-house arrangement Vs
Total £1.05 - £1.60 £0.90

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